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The following PDF outlines the methods and means of using digital technology to control every facet of agriculture for the purpose of destroying farmers and land while reaping hundreds of billions of dollars. This is part of the WEF's Great Reset

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Establishing A Global Empire Over Life, Through Monocultures, Patents And Monopolies, By Rupturing A World Of Diversity, Self Organization And Freedom — Vandana Shiva

Section 1 — One Empire Over Seed, Biodiversity, And Knowledge

One Empire Over Seed: Control Over The World’s Seed Banks — Vandana Shiva

BMG Foundation And Irri: Corporate Hijack Of Rice Science — Chito P. Medina

Owning Seeds Through Patents And New Gene Editing GMO Technologies — Vandana Shiva

Gene Editing: Unexpected Outcomes And Risks — GM Watch, Technical advisor: Dr Michael Antoniou

Section 2 — Biopiracy — The Plunder Of Biodiversity And Knowledge

Digital Biopiracy To Undermine International Treaties That Protect Biodiversity And Prevent Biopiracy

A Treaty To Protect Our Agricultural Biodiversity — Josè Esquinas-Alcazar

Beyond Green Gold: Megadiverse Countries As Providers Of Genetic Resources And Digital Sequence Information — Aidé Jiménez-Martínez and Adelita San Vicente Tello


Biopiracy Of Climate Resilient Seeds — Navdanya

Banana Biopiracy Through GMO Banana — Vandana Shiva

Campaign — ‘no GMO Banana’ — Navdanya

An Open Letter To Qut’s Dr James Dale, The Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation And The Convention On Biological Diversity — Mantasa

Section 3 — One Empire Over Agriculture

Gates Ag-one And The Recolonisation Of Agriculture — Navdanya

Gates Ag One In Argentina — Fernando Cabaleiro

Colonising Agriculture Through The Failed Green Revolution

Bill & Melinda Gates: The Dystopia Of The Green Revolution In Africa — Nicoletta Dentico

Gates Foundation’s Green Revolution Fails Africa’s Farmers — Timothy A. Wise

Seeds Of Surveillance Capitalism: The Third “green Revolution” — Navdanya

Section 4 — One Empire Over Food: Force-feeding Us GMOs And Fake Food

Promoting Failed GMOs

The Golden Rice Hoax — Vandana Shiva

Why We Oppose Golden Rice — Stop Golden Rice Network

Indian Minister Of Environment Heeds Public Call For A Moratorium On Bt Brinjal

Bt Brinjal: Alliance For Crooked Science & Corporate Lies — Farida Akhter


Lab Made Breast Milk And Lab Made Meat — Vandana Shiva

Software To Swallow: Impossible Foods Should Be Called Impossible Patents — Seth Itzkan

SECTION 5 — One Empire Over Media, Health And Education

Media And Lobby Empire

The Power Of Propaganda And The Language Of Persuasion — Nicoletta Dentico

Messengers Of Gates’ Agenda: How The Cornell Alliance Spreads Disinformation And Discredits Agroecology — Community Alliance for Global Justice / AGRA Watch

Colonising Education

Digital Dictators — Satish Kumar

Pedagogy Of Freedom — Satish Kumar

Colonising Global Health

The Philanthropic Monopoly Of Bill & Melinda Gates — Nicoletta Dentico

One Empire Over The Earth: Amplifying Climate Change, Accelerating The Sixth Mass Extinction

The Sugar Daddy Of Geoengineering: Bill Gates’ Fossil Fuel Interests And Funding For Global Climate Engineering — Dru Jay and Silvia Ribeiro, ETC Group

Driven To Exterminate: How Bill Gates Brought Gene Drive Extinction Technology Into The World — Zahra Moloo and Jim Thomas, ETC Group.

Scientific Terrorism In Burkina Faso — Tapsoba Ali De Goamma

Global Resistance To Genetic Extinction Technology — Navdanya

Gates Foundation Hired Pr Firm To Manipulate Un Over Gene Drives — Jonathan Latham

Biodiversity, GMOs, & Gene Drives Of The Militarised Mind — Vandana Shiva


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