For too long I've been derailed by "you can't take it with you." Today I finished up a months long Christmas present for my son that in my heart defines what I'm leaving behind. It probably isn't the EOTW, but I've known all year long that my time is up. It might mean leaving this body, but it most definitely means that I'm willing to be reborn.

Indeed, I am officially finished with the old days and the old ways. The same old, same old is no longer acceptable to me. I seek not comforting words, nor reassurances of any kind. I seek not "this time we will get it right" because we never do. Collectively and individually we are appalled. Collectively and individually I think we're very afraid to change a thing, but change we must.

The EOTW is not this Friday, but more than likely someone somewhere has already plotted their course of action, and more than likely it's not an act of benevolence. But the old ways and old days are at an end. Be ready for change. Be willing to stand in the heat and cold. Brace yourself to endure what must be endured.

Deep down we have known that our consumptive ways never was sustainable. November was the 333rd consecutive warmer-than-average month. That's 27 years and 9 months straight that the temperature has been warmer than average.

Since March 1985 the climate has warmed up. Never before in history has anyone witnessed such a constant. The weather is variable, especially here in Colorado, but the past 3 years I've witnessed weather events I never imagined.

The solutions are not political or legal. They never have been and never will be. The solution is drop dead simple and goes right back to the very first set of instructions given to humans: take care of the Earth because Mother Earth nurtures and sustains you.

It's not that I've started a hunger strike on behalf of all the negative shit that needs to change yesterday already, it's just that I'm so thoroughly disgustipated that I've lost my appetite.

So I ask each of you to join me in making a sacrifice starting Friday, December 21, 2012. Eat less. Eat organic veggies. Buy a 10-Stage or other water filter and literally drink that fat away.

There's going to be consequences by doing this. We will literally be flushing more toxins into the Earth. Those toxins that currently are stored in our fat are creating cancer and mental instability. They never should have been allowed into our bodies, but here I go again: I'm done with the old days and old ways.

We each need to change our ways so that our kids and their kids for generations to come can not only live, but continue to heal this entire planet unless a suitable one is close enough that we can make the jump. And for what purpose? To fuck it up again?

Thus we each need to make the sacrifices that change requires.

As for the violence, there's a reason that weapons need to be converted into plowshares: when we get away from cultivating our #1 need, the result is violence. People who are well-fed seldom resort to violence.

By well-fed I mean nutritious food free of mind/body altering chemicals. Eating organic food is more important than ever, and yet we have been bombing the planet with chemicals for 50+ years now. Be it via an airplane, jet, farm combine, or a bottle, chemicals designed to kills us have been pounded into the Earth.

We are killing ourselves this way. That's why I've written before that if we do not Demand Organic, there will be no food left to eat.

So, please join me starting this Friday, December 21, 2012 in eating less and eating organic.