Just as the financial collapse happened quickly, and deeply, the soil collapse is, too. Just as the financial collapse, the seeds of destruction were planted years earlier.

In the case of soil, it was planted decades ago. Then the first few GMO crops began the acceleration in the late 1990s.

Today the exponential release of chemicals into the soil has destroyed its capacity for growing food. Each year, thousands more acres than the previous year are retired from crop production. The soil has been sterilized to the point where only superweeds - those resistant to the chemicals meant to wipe them out - grow.

Industrial agricultural companies - accurately known as ChemAg - are aware of the soil collapse they have caused. Their response has been to apply even more chemicals that pose even a greater threat to life. Not just on the farm, but everywhere - right onto your table and directly into your gut.

If Proposition 37 - the Right To Know campaign in California to label GMO Foods - passes, it is more than likely that ChemAg will respond with more chemicals of greater toxicity to make up for the lost revenue.

That's not good.

Organic Bailout

Money cannot bail out the soil, but organic farming can.

We have a choice to make: allow ChemAg to dump even more poisons into our soil, water, air and bodies, or put a plan in place to transition farms to organic farming starting NOW.


There are many components to OrgAnnex's Transition to Organic Plan for Soil (TOPSoil), and each component requires an anticipatory reponse to the primary course of action.

Briefly, TOPSoil includes:

  1. Petition the President to Reclassify Hemp from a Schedule 1 drug to a Schedule 3, or remove it completely.

    This bold move has so many beneficial corollary effects that it's best stated as "Organic Revolution". The purpose of this first primary component is:

    1. Jump start the economy by getting it ready for the 25,000+ products Hemp can be used for.
    2. Phytoremediation of severely damaged soils
    3. Hemp grows very well without chemicals - it makes no sense to grow hemp with chemicals. Grow it organically
    4. Transition from corn to Hemp as needed
    5. Transition GMO corn to organic corn

  2. Begin a Nationwide Composting Program

    Existing composting centers need to up their standards to that of organic farming composting, e.g., no woodchips and yard waste allowed unless the yard waste can be confirmed as not having been sprayed with chemicals. We need LESS chemicals in what is an already polluted farm environment. And we need real compost that is organic. Wood chips leave roots high and dry.

  3. Amend the Farm Bill of 2012 to identify farms in need of remediation.

Better to have a plan to minimize the food collapse than to have false assurances of the market - they don't even farm.

We cannot petition Congress to enact these changes. The only way they will happen - and they really need to happen - is by Demanding Organic.

The sky is not falling. It already fell. The details are unimportant at this moment . . . and this moment too.

All that matters is that we skip the autopsy and get on with resurrecting the highest life form in the universe: soil micro-organisms without which life and health are not possible.

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