Humans are not the highest life form on the planet. Soil micro-organisms are.

Wherever you step in this world, you are stepping on Life itself; indeed, it's our only means of support.

We can no more ignore that the
existence of all life on Earth
is made possible by soil,
than to ignore that the Sun rises every day.
Not coincidentally, the Sun happens to be
the soil's most important source of energy.

Without a fertile, living soil there would be
very few plants. With so few plants
very few animals would exist.
With limited plant life
there are few sources of life - growth is limited.

Life feeds on life.
This is the very case in a fertile, living world - ours and theirs.
Man did not create plants and animals. No life is ever wasted. It becomes the material to support even more life.

We must do everything we can to protect the soil.

Each year thousands of acres of once fertile soils
are taken out of farm production.
This and other growth limiting consequences
are the stillborn fruits of chemical agricultural practices of the past 40+ years.

Synthetic chemicals designed to mimic a life form higher than that of its designers has failed. This result stems from failure to grasp that the soil is an extremely complex life form with many complex, interlocking variables that are beyond the reach of synthetic chemistry.

This life form is called humus. It is not fully understood, but we know how exceedingly
            and beautiful this life-creating life form — Soil — is by looking at all the natural beauty the surrounds most of us. The flowers, the blossoming trees, the birds, and other animals…

Man didn't create any of these, nor did synthetic chemical engineers enhance them. It's only by working with Nature that we were and are able to benefit from it, enjoy good health, and sustain the human species.

For the past 40+ years this life-creating life form — America's number 1 asset — its soil &mbsp; has been killed off by synthetic chemicals. It will take several decades for the soil to recover.

We can no longer create rationales
to masquerade as excuses and ignorance
to the reality that we are
committing a slow motion suicide
of massive proportions.

We cannot wait another 40 years.
Chemical agriculture has used oil to destroy the soil.
We cannot wait any longer if we are going to successfully stop the spread of square miles lost to sterility caused by synthetic chemicals.

We need the real thing: fertile soil teeming with the very life that's the only source of life of Earth's every life form.

Every atom, of
    every molecule, of
      every cell, of
        every organism, of
          every life owes its existence to soil micro-organisms.

The time is now for the real thing to ensure Life for all Americans.

The real life-nourishing food can come from a farm in New Jersey, not a laboratory devoted to synthetics that has no hope of nourishing, let alone sustaining life.

This is the over-arching issue of our time. It transcends all other issues. As such, it's uniquely apolitical.

Cultures in the past have literally sowed the seeds of their eventual destruction. It's time to stop companies from sowing the destruction of America. Here's how.

For the past 40+ years American culture has sowed its own seeds of destruction, yet with catastrophic global consequences. The use of synthetic chemicals is so widespread that it's now falling in raindrops.

In essence, we've sowed the seeds of destruction not only into the ground, but into the atmosphere.

Do you know what grows very well in sterile soil? Pathogens and weeds. Pathogens thrive in sterile conditions because it lacks the powerful pathogen-killing micro-organisms that have so successfully created and supported life on this planet.

Killing the soil micro-organisms creates excellent pathogen habitat. Weeds thrive in crummy soil. Chemicals destroy the soil, weeds thrive and build resistance to the chemicals.

Dr. Joe Mercola will tell you that when your intestinal flora is out of balance it always means that bad bacteria outnumbers the good. You feel lousy when you're not feeling sick.

An ordinary doctor would prescribe synthetic antibiotics. They kill the bad and good intestinal flora indiscriminately.

Dr. Mercola and my self would prescribe raw, organic garlic, which is known as the most powerful selective antibiotic, anti-fungal, and antiseptic on the planet. Humans didn't create garlic - Nature did.

In this same vein, the chemical agriculture companies' response to soil sterility caused by their products is to add more, and more toxic synthetic chemicals knowing full well what the results will be.

Just as the Law of Aerodynamics doesn't require personal belief in them in order to be true, neither does the universal law of `sow and reap` require your belief in order to be true.

We each sow and reap, and we know what was sown by observing its fruit.

Do not be seduced and deceived. We do not need a scientific study of the fruit.

We need only to look at the fruit to know that while chemical agriculture companies proclaimed the fruit would be food for everyone, the fruit turned out to be super weeds that break machines.

The promised fruit was food to feed the hungry of this world. The actual fruit is square miles of once-fertile farmland made sterile by overuse of synthetic chemicals. Just as a plants cannot grow when water-logged, neither does adding more chemicals increase yields.

We know the the results of synthetically treated soil: it kills the living organisms that do the actual job of feeding plants that in turn nourish and sustain humans, nourish and sustain the soil, and therefore it's only simple logic to conclude that only organic agriculture is sustainable.

No scientific study is needed to let Nature do her job. Let each of us resolve to no longer deceive our selves with rationalizations that ignore the fruits of destruction. That's what large parasitic corporations do.

Instead, let us restore the soil and our future by working with the highest life forms on the planet. Let's resolve to support that which supports us.