Organic agriculture is an ecologically-based management system that prioritizes cultural, biological, and mechanical production practices, and natural inputs. By strengthening on-farm resources, such as soil fertility, pasture and biodiversity, organic farmers can minimize and even avoid the production challenges that most genetically engineered organisms have been marketed as solving, though they have, in fact, exacerbated them.

Organic Food

The direct impact you can make today is to demand organic. And demand labeling of GMO "foods".

What Matters

If we do not Demand Organic, we will accelerate Soil Collapse.

Eliot Coleman

The following excerpts are from Eliot Coleman's Keynote address at the Seed Saver's conference in July 2009. I think the most important takeaway from this is just the fact…

Highest Life Form on Earth

Humans are not the highest life form on the planet. Soil micro-organisms are. Wherever you step in this world, you are stepping on Life itself; indeed,…

Transition to Organic Plan for Soil (TOPSoil)

The exponential release of chemicals into the soil has destroyed its capacity for growing food. Each year, thousands more acres than the previous year are retired from…