The following Resources are provided as is. OrgAnnex provides them for background information only. When reading any of the Resources, keep in mind one thing: how does this improve the health of the soil?

It's all bout the soil

Soil Fertility

Soil fertility is a complex matter, yet can be simplified: fertile soil is a living organism. Plants don't feed themselves mechanically - they depend on soil organisms to feed their roots. All living organisms on Earth owe their lives to soil organisms; synthetic chemicals destroy that life.

In essence, chemicals threaten not just the food supply, threaten not just the ability to grow food, but threaten the future of of Life itself.

GMOs take this threat one step further by turning your gut into a herbicide factory. You're not just consuming herbicides, you allowing corporate control of your genes to produce herbicides. This isn't science fiction.

When we die our body returns to the soil that came before it. Our bodies add their toxins to the soil. Instead of pushing up daisies, we're pushing up genetically engineered destruction of the future. Instead of flowers, our cemeteries will be overgrown with herbicide-resistant weeds that will obscure our tombstones.


With 10,000+ synthetic chemicals, any scientific study will use words such as "suggests but does not confirm causation between these variables."

That's because there are 10,000+ other variables with unknown influences because there is no way to control all the variables, let alone 2. We are guinea pigs in an experiment with no hope of repeatable results.

Therefore, it is suggested readers stop looking for proof, stop looking for definitive causation and start looking at the big picture: what are the results? What is the bottom line and who is profiting?

Healthy Soil = Healthy Plants = Healthy Insects = Healthy Animals = Healthy Humans

Humans are not the top life form on this plant; soil organisms are. They control every single aspect of Life on Earth.

As it happens, bees are the primary pollinators. Since they do the majority of the pollination for food that is enjoyed worldwide, it's in our best interest to stop wondering about causation and start realizing that chemicals are destroying bees, thus threaten not only our food, but the future of that food group.

We cannot genetically engineer our way out of this problem. A fireman does not show up at a burning house and put it out with fire.


Organic was, is, and always has been the solution. Rather than destroy Nature with synthetics which are proven toxins, we can work with Nature to grow everything as it was originally intended. Man cannot improve on a life form superior to humans.

A few books worth reading.

The Rodale Book of Composting: Easy Methods for Every Gardener

Why: to understand organic, one needs to understand soil fertility and thus Nature's method for achieving it: composting. Nature has been doing it for millions of years.

Organic Manifesto

Why: sheds light on how organic agriculture can feed the world, solve climate change, and improve one's health. You'll also discover why farmers are addicted to ChemAg and why ChemAg executives eat organic.

The Food and Farming Transition

Why: because fossil fuel is deeply embedded in ChemAg practices, fuel cost increases increase the price of food while decreasing its nutrients. New food systems will require more farmers, smaller and more diversified farms, less processed and packaged food, and less long-distance hauling of food.