Composting is the act of creating more soil by `recycling` scrap plant matter back into the Earth where it is broken down into organic matter. Using worms greatly reduces the amount of composting time and yields a nutrient rich compost called `castings` (worm poop).

Be sure to read the list of acceptable and unacceptable materials to ensure the best compost for your garden.

Worm Composting Basics

Here's a list of waste that is acceptable for worm bins. Please note this list contains unacceptable items too!


Vermicomposting is nature's way of creating and sustaining soil fertility.

Benefits of Vermiculture

The best way to conserve water and landscaping resources is via vermicompost.

Vermicompost vs. Traditional Compost

Vermicompost vs. Traditional Compost - vermicompost is faster, better, richer, purer

Vermiculture: growing worms

Provide enough food and you will soon have more worms

New Worm Beds

Winter arrived and froze the top part of my worm beds. View the gallery to get an idea of what was involved.