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"Alter (something) from its original course, meaning, or state to a distortion or corruption of what was first intended."

Just about everywhere I look, I see perverted systems. Perhaps the epitome of systemic perversion is the Republican Party, followed in a very close second by most, but not all, very large multi-national corporations. (Wall St. banks are their own special breed of perverts known as vampire squids - they qualify as perverts but nobody cares about numbers).

Both have veered widely off their original courses: they have merged into a perverted form of Democracy. And what does Democracy have to do with organic foods?

Absolutely everything.

Far be it from me to speak in absolutes but these days it's so very easy to see the contrast when one doesn't watch any TV at all. Ironically, if you turn off your TV for a month, you'll find everything is all right in front of you.

Instead I read a few major dailies and Democracy Now - the only non-corporate news source in America.

From these sources I can draw striking parallels between the Republican party (what a bunch of party poopers!, Christ™) and ChemAg/Biotech companies.

Take Bobby Jindal. Please. In response to what's ailing the GOP: crank the VOLUME!! That's right, LOUDER! So loud that you will not be able to hear that precious, still, small voice you've known all your life when you say your prayers.

Take Monsanto, Dow, Bayer Crop Science and other perverts. In response to predicted weed and bug resistance to their chemicals, they shout: use MORE chemicals!!

Both the GOP and Chemical companies have perverted the natural course of their respective systems. Both tout their formulaic approach as being respectful, conservative, fact-based approach when the facts clearly indicate a level of perversion so extreme, so off course that no corrective action is possible.

Hence, "a state of distortion or corruption."

Normally, perverted systems die off. In its current perverted state, the GOP will die off. The news division (and multiplication for that matter) corporations that promote the GOP perversion also have no future since they are continually on the lookout for more sources of perversion. It's what sells.

It's why I firmly believe that if Anonymous were truly and sincerely interested in altering the course of human history they would give the entire world a month off from TV and allow only the Weather to broadcast 24/7. That's because nothing else matters.

You see, if we're truly and sincerely going to do something about the Weather we need to retool our food production system into a sustainable system that can adapt to the weather instead of making the weather become even more perverted.

That's because our food production system is perverted almost entirely by fossil fuels and war chemicals. America has been carpet-bombed continuously for the past 60+ years, and then petrochemicals have added their own special brand of misery and death.

Only perverts would call this Better Living Through Chemistry. They have, and continue to do so.

If you have a deep-seated disdain for environmentalists, you can thank the perverts. No sooner than Rachel Carson's "Silent Spring" was published in 1962, perverts pushed back. 50 years later - which was 48 years after her death - the perverts continue to dismiss her work. "Silent Spring" is widely credited with launching the modern environmental movement.

Instead of marginalizing Carson's singular clarion call to the even then rise of the Chemical perversion of Earth, there could've just as well been applause.

The opposite of pervert is: applaud, conserve, favor, protect, sustain, benefit, consider, laud, regard, tend, care for, eulogize, panegyrize, respect, uphold, cherish, extol, praise, shield, vindicate, saint.

If you watch TV, you almost never see sincere displays of positive action. Instead, it's negative 24/7; corporate-controlled "news" perverts information into entertainment and labels it "reality" when it's anything but. That's perversion, and it's what perverts do: "corrupt, distort from its original course or meaning".

The only way to alter the course of human history from here on out is to demand that everything you consume be organic. Only when our entire food system is organic then we can begin to have a future free of misery-inducing chemicals and perverts who pervert the original way Nature intended Earth to provide everything. we need.

Not want. Just our needs. You have nothing if you don't have your health. #DemandOrganic.

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