OrgAnnex's mission is to promote organic food and gardening methods.

If you shrunk the Earth down to the size of a basketball you would find that the life support system - the soil - for all organisms would be thinner than plastic wrap.

The irony is that plastic comes from petrochemicals, which have destroyed the soil's Nature given ability to retain moisture and thereby sustain itself.

Instead, the collapse of farmable soil continues. Only #organiculture can ensure our food security, and on a much smaller scale than current, extravagantly wasteful industrial agriculture does.

Any time you buy non-organic, GMO food, you are choosing Oil over Soil. You are setting off a chain reaction that puts short-term profits over long-term resources. You are mortgaging your children's future and your progeny for generations to come.

Organic is expensive because it's not subsidized by the Farm Bill. If money is an issue for you, realize that it it contains more nutrients. You don't need as much, and certainly if you eat processed food or any kind, you're not getting the full amount of nutrition that organic veggies and fruit offers.

If you buy food that comes in a package, buy only those with the NON-GMO Label on it. The USDA organic label means little because it's been watered down. By all means do purchase organic veggies and fruits.

Soil erosion is bad in Iowa, and worse everywhere else. In the 1930's they called it the Dust Bowl. Today I call it the American Genocide.

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