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This post was inspired by Rodale's Composting and Organic Manifesto. From those I was able to ascertain that soil organisms are the highest life forms on Earth and that Maria Rodale doesn't really want to rock the boat.

I've stated that if you don't eat organic soon there won't be any food left to eat. I've argued that we're in the middle of a massive soil collapse brought on by 70+ years of carpet-bombing farms across America and the Earth with warfare chemicals. I guess these things freak people out enough that no one says a word.

Maybe you were politely skeptical of the awful repercussions of soil collapse - could it really be happening? Maybe a few hours later you went grocery shopping and brought home some of those chemicals and "food" in a box or a can. Maybe several days, weeks, months later your health changed and you chalked it up to aging - another topic no one talks about. Maybe you consumed misery's daily mantra via its omnipresent communication channels: there's nothing we can do about it but let go and let God. Maybe you work at a company specifically set up to profit from chronically poor health (such as DaVita) without realizing that you're part of the system that will see you, a friend or relative enter into its revenue stream.

Maybe you rail against the evils of MiseryTech - I want to call them DeathTech because they are killing off our only means of life - the soil - but MiseryTech is accurate because there isn't a person that wouldn't do absolutely everything including selling their soul in order to have some semblance of health. A tortured a person will say anything to stop the torture. We fail to realize that we will do absolutely anything to end the misery of failing health. We'll down gobs of Rx drugs while disdaining natural remedies as being for hippies. We'll do anything within the system that has sickened us in hopes we come out on top; if not for ourselves then for our progeny. We'll hope, we'll pray and we'll take it out on others in the most violent ways possible...

and yet...

there's something we haven't considered, or maybe we just took it for granted. Maybe we heard it in a church from a Sunday school teacher. Maybe we heard it while flipping through channels on TV; or maybe a neighbor mentioned something in passing. Maybe we heard it or read it and it stuck somewhere in the residual goodness of our soul: we reap what we sow. If that's really the case then maybe we ought to considered how we can stop sowing misery that begets misery and creates even more misery...

I would like you to understand a couple of salient facts so I don't have to tell you what to do, for that's not my intention. My intention is to make it as clear as possible the primary influences that affect each and every one of us.

First, none of our leaders eat what you eat. They all eat organic food only and it's extremely fresh. If you've never eaten a tomato within an hour of being picked then I invite you to my small garden in August and September to try one. I'll pick it, slice it, add a just-picked leaf of basil and request that you tell me how your body feels as you taste and swallow it. I want you to walk through my garden and pick a few leaves of kale and eat it on the spot. Try a few leaves of Sage, Rosemary if you wish and any of the other greens. Fresh, organic vegetables are extremely healthy for you. They taste amazing because that's what they are. It's not that they were grown without chemicals - it's that they were grown in soil teeming with Life itself. I will pick another tomato for you to taste the next day, in 3 days, and 7 days and you can taste and feel for yourself that it's just not as good for you. Somethings off about it. Next to that amazing yummy tomato and basil you ate, picked by your own hands, today it's just okay.

Second, our Congress, the President, and the executives of every major company worldwide eats fresh, organic food every single day. They do not have to scrimp and save for it. Their lifestyle is paid for by you and me. Anytime we eat non-organic food and food-like substances, we set off a chain reaction in their system that shifts massive amounts of resources from us to them. They have the best health care system in the world, also paid for by you and me. All of their needs are met, financed by a tax system that ensures we stay on a treadmill of poor health due to nutrient deficient "food". The system also includes low-paying jobs that are disproportionately taxed so that you rarely, if ever, taste what it's like to be at the top mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Even if you were to work in their system - and you do - even then there's no guarantee that you'll ever enjoy enough income or health like they do; the entire system is rigged top to bottom. Repeat: the entire system is rigged top to the bottom.

You know, if you don't have your health, what do you have? What you have right now: a genetically engineered state of hate.

Third, the answers are not political. You can rail all you want about how the government this and the government that and ultimately all you're doing is complaining about a system that you tacitly support. If you want to opt out of the system you will soon find that you can only go so far. If you have read Revelations then I can most assuredly say that the dollar symbol is the mark of the beast and each of us in this system have money first and foremost in our mind, stamped on our foreheads if you will. And the system - the beast - does indeed control what we can buy or sell, but expecting our answers to come from a document that indicates repeatedly that our answers come from within each of us will not result in change of any kind. To sum this up, solutions will not be political nor emanate from whatever religion you steadfastly believe in.

Fourth, the highest life forms are those that go about creating more life forms that enable all the other life forms to live and die into a cycle of Life and Death that creates more of the same Life and Death into perpetuity. We humans, you and I, are not that life form. We are beneficiaries of it; we are the highest expression of it possible. Humans are awesome, but as we all know or should know, we're capable of the very worst acts against life. Death? Whatever; nobody ever stood up to Death. Nobody ever railed against Death as if it were some kind of evil. There's no need to do so when we have plenty of living humans hell-bent on destruction. We obsess about what's right or wrong; we can shout all we want about whatever issue we put our minds to.

But maybe you'll find it curious as I do why it is that we are blind to the obvious source of the artificial wealth of humans and their organizations. I think it should be obvious by now where I'm going with this, but in case it isn't, let me state it plainly: all that you touch, see, smell, hear, and feel is from the Earth. Humans might have manufactured it, yes, but it came from the Earth. Cars, chemicals, toys, plastic, computers, phones, grills, bikes, stadiums, buildings...all that you touch, see, smell, hear, and feel is from the Earth.

Note that I left out taste. None of the stuff I mentioned above is what we put into our bodies permanently. When we put in genetically engineered products, our bodies and mind acts accordingly and our life cycle is impacted as well. You might think "Aha! There's one thing that they do not control". I wouldn't blame you for thinking that way; it's too disturbing to entertain the idea that we would allow anything to enter our bodies without our consent, but here we are.

You might wonder why organic is expensive and I'll just say that it is because it's controlled. There are alternatives but those alternatives will not be available for much longer if we do not rise up and demand organic. Each of us can do that by buying organic vegetables and fruit.

We can begin the process of regaining control of what is put into our bodies once we demand labeling of GMOs, but that will most likely not be enough to stop the damage from 70+ years of chemical warfare perpetrated on the Earth and sold to us as good for us. By all means, GMOs must be labeled in order to impact the infrastructure, but you can avoid GMOs right now simply by reading labels if you must but also by eating organically grown plants.

Avoiding GMOs, eating organically is just the start. In order to ensure that we humans have a future we must stop the collapse of the very life-giving systems that enable humans to live in the first place, while we can. The repercussions of bombing fertile ground for 70+ years will be felt for the next 4900 years minimum.

If you subscribe to a belief system that promotes a belief in heaven, then I'd like to quote what Jesus had to say about heaven: let it be done here on Earth. Do you really want to continue to allow toxins to be sown into the ground? Do you realize that as large as the ground seems, that 70% of this planet is covered with water? Do you really want to allow chemicals to rain down and poison all of Life? What if Heaven is right here on this Earth? Why then would God give humans His original command - which he no doubt received from His Wife, Mother Earth herself - to take good care of the Earth?

If we shrunk the Earth down to the size of a basketball, the soil that supports all life would be thinner than plastic wrap and it would cover 30% of it. I think this command was given because God knew not only how fragile the Earth is but also how potent Life is; only a little bit of Life is needed to sustain all Life on Earth. It's utter foolishness in my opinion to believe the Earth is 6,000 years old when all evidence points to the thin membrane that supports us to have taken 6 "days" - the equivalent of hundreds of millions of years - to create. The word "days"was used because that's pretty easy to comprehend. The details involved in one year is overwhelming. A million years - nobody lives that long to understand how powerful an impact human's have on the extremely thin yet potent link between air and water.

I hope I made it really clear the kind of power we each have, and how simple the solutions to all of our issues are. Since you are what you eat, it's to your benefit to eat organically grown plants. This is the only solution available to us at this time. Demand organic.

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