OrgAnnex's mission is to promote organic food and gardening methods.

We are not rewarded in a system that is based on fear as pathology. Nor should we be. I believe quality of life is paramount - and hemp will play a major role in the evolutionary recreation of what works best for the health of every species on Earth, and for Earth. That's restoring fertility to the thin membrane that supports all life on Earth. This evolutionary steps will float all boats and end the mass genocide of America.

We cannot separate human health from the whole ecosystem that supports it. Atmosphere, water bodies, and all land support all life, especially in the inhospitable places. But it is primarily carpet-bombing of American farmlands with chemical warfare to repel a viral gene haphazardly spliced into seed genes (called agriculture by those practiced to deceive) that is tantamount to mass genocide of soil organisms, and thus threatens genocide of humans. It might take another 80 years or it'll take just 2-3 years for the entire ecosystem in various areas to start a collapse.

More will collapse like dominoes simply because everything is connected. 2010 weed resistance manifested on 30% of American farmland. 51% the following year. I doubt we will get 2012's report accurately because ChemAg doesn't want the truth out there. Nor does BigOil on which ChemAg is utterly dependent for their petrochemical manufacturing used to destroy America's #1 Asset with full support of the POTUS and Food Safety Czar who made this deception possible.

This is how my analytical inner Raven sees it. Check out Transition to Organic Plan (TOPSoil). That's the first phase if how I see Hemp's role in our future.

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