OrgAnnex's mission is to promote organic food and gardening methods.

Every time we buy any food-like products with more than 5 ingredients

it triggers a series of "economic activities" from when you purchase it

through a few years, a few decades, through several hundred years

right up into a millenia.

"Economic activities" is the chaotic, almost panicky drilling of the Earth's skin.

How would you like to have your skin ever so subtly sliced here and there?

Let's pretend we're a 46 year old woman,

and that this slicing began 4 hours ago:

1 minute ago the Industrial Revolution began;

in which 24 seconds ago resulted in festering wounds becoming severely worse by the nanosecond.

Damaging our largest organ - our skin - with blood tainted with synthetic chemicals

has resulted in the Earth's microscopic life forms' cellular structure to attack itself.

All that economic activity has exponentially accelerated the death of Earth as we knew it

Scaling our human years directly up to Earth years demonstrates the magnitude of acceleration of destruction we are sowing into the Earth and reaping in the form of mass extinction.

Earth's skin cancer is our cancer.

The Cure for Cancer is to stop sowing it.

The Cure for Cancer recognizes stopping it won't restore health over night from 150 years of exponentially accelerating destruction of our only means of health.

Without skin, we die. Really. The Earth's skin is our skin.

When we buy any-food like products we are sowing into the ground

cancers that will soon show up in our bodies

and when we die, we are literally returning to the Earth

in a cycle of life and death that we have mechanically figured out

but have yet to truly be aware of spiritual side of these goddess-awful repercussions and deep, eternal consequences to generations of offspring to come.

Everybody is dropping with Cancer. The ratio is accelerating exponentially. The sowing of destructive death was quick and easy. The reaping of death's horrible consequences are eternal. We are just beginning to end human's short period on Earth. Perhaps in just another second it will not even be a memory.

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