OrgAnnex promotes organic food and gardening methods.

DDT Still Killing Birds

Banned 40 years ago, DDT is still killing birds. 40 years from now, neonicotinoids will still be killing bees, birds, and people.

Oil or Soil

Instead, the collapse of farmable soil continues. Only #organiculture can ensure our food security, and on a much smaller scale than current, extravagantly wasteful industrial agriculture does

O is for Organic

If you don't eat organic soon there won't be any food left to eat. I've argued that we're in the middle of a massive soil collapse brought on by 70+ years of carpet-bombing farms across America and the Earth with warfare chemicals.

24 Seconds to Cancer

Scaling down time reveals that Earth is a 46 year old woman. 24 seconds ago she developed skin cancer. Her cancer has spread all over. Read how buy chemically grown food creates even more cancer.

Hemp's Role in Healthcare

The following is my response regarding the healthcare system in the US. Those of us who choose to take proactive steps to maintain and improve our health are ignored.


Only perverts would call our food production system Better Living Through Chemistry. And they have. And they continue to do so.

The Surprising Connection Between Food and Fracking

US agriculture is highly reliant on synthetic nitrogen fertilizer, and nitrogen fertilizer is synthesized in a process fueled by natural gas. Organic agriculture does everything Nature's way: via composting.

Buycott: Buy These Brands

The USDA Organic seal has been watered down. It's not as strong but you should still buy it, and also support brands that carry the Non-GMO label.

Prop. 37 Wasn't Going to Stop the Bombing

Nuclear bombing of American farms is very possible

Proposition 37: The California Right To Know Ballot Initiative

UPDATED: Prop. 37 might collapse the use of Roundup. ORIGINAL: Should GMO foods be labeled? Absolutely. Will it result in less chemicals being used? Probably not.