OrgAnnex is for Organic

Organic means "living matter". Soil is alive with billions of microorganisms that make organic soil possible.

OrgAnnex is for organic solutions. Only organiculture can solve the most pressing crisis we face today. These crisis are all interconnected and have been building for decades due to unsustainable consumption. These crisis are, in order:

  1. Climate change due in part to chemically intensive industrial agriculture which is responsible for up to 50% of carbon in the atmosphere
  2. Health care crisis due to consumption of pesticide laden, non-nutrient dense food (due to #1 above)
  3. Toxic land, water, and air due to #1 and #2 above.

For a primer on this toxic overload, read Eliot Coleman's experience. It serves as a history of USA chemical agriculture, and how Secretary of Agriculture Earl Butz began the destruction of America's #1 asset: the soil.

I highly recommend Maria Rodale's "Organic Manifesto". A third generation organic farmer, her grandfather started America's first organic farm. You'll learn eye-opening things about E. coli and what Monsanto executives eat.

Organic is healthier for land, air, water, and therefore creates a healthier you.

  1. Food Democracy Now
  2. Beyond Pesticides
  3. Organic Authority
  4. Cornucopia Institute
  5. The Endocrine Disruptor Exchange
  6. Rodale Institute
  7. Organic Gardening
  8. Organic Consumers Association