ReCapture SecAg

A proposal


There are 2 parts to my proposal: Intranet and Internet.

The Intranet is private-facing, it's where we Collaborate/Function.

The Internet is public-facing.

MODX is the platform that allows me to create both the Intranet and Internet.

Intranet: Collaborate


There are a few Objectives, several Strategies, and hundreds of Tactics. We need to list the Objectives and their attendant Strategies and Tactics. These will be short and to the point. We will debate the merits of each Objective, and refine them until we have a clear idea of what the Objective is.

Strategies and Tactics are to be fleshed out after we settle on an Objective.

Note: we need badly stated Objectives. That;s to say there are no bad ideas. I personally employ stupidity because that shows where the brilliance is just as lies always point to the truth.


Our work will then focus on the following Process.

Step 1 is very similar to Step 2. Step 1 focuses on People, Step 2 focuses on Communications. This is the Intranet. Nobody outside of Contributors is going to see this, nor will it be visible to search engines. This stuff simply doesn't get out. This is where we apply our brainpowered efforts to reach the hearts and minds of those we want to influence for the purpose of achieving our Objective.

When needed we will Publish to the Extranet to enlist the general public of our efforts in order to achieve our Objective.

The Process is flexible. I can reword it to suit whatever purposes. It was originally built strictly for advertising, but since Communication is the name of the game we need the organic originality that this Process creates.

The Process

Step 1: Who, What, Why

Answer these questions in order. If the next question causes you to revise the answer to the previous question, revise it and continue down the list and revise as needed.
WHO is the Contact Target?
WHAT are is the most important things to the Contact?
WHY will the contact consider my future-oriented perspective? How best to project the future cost of short term gains. Just take a look around us, we're in the middle of the Future Costs of prior short term gains.


Regenerative Agriculture has lower yields but much higher profits due to decreased use of synthetic inputs, but more than makes up for it via increased amounts of nutrients. It's a high quality product that requires much less in order to sustain plants, and people. Let's quantify these points.


Step 2: Strategize

Then it's a matter of stating the benefits in a clear, compelling, fashion:
OBJECTIVE: what do I want this Form/Piece/Section/CTA to do?
TARGET: Who will accomplish the OBJECTIVE?
STRATEGY: What benefit(s) will appeal the most to the TARGET?
EXECUTION: How to communicate the STRATEGY to the TARGET to achieve the OBJECTIVE?

General Modalities to help create effective ideas:
1. Familiar/Unexpected
2. Unexpected Statement
3. Unexpected Idea
4. Bold Truth
5. Creative Participation
6. Provocative Insight/Thought


ChemAg destroys the soil. How many acres are no longer farmable? The USDA calls them 'conservation easements'. It needs to be made clear that ChemAg caused it and they have no way to repair it. The only way it can be repaired is via the growing of Hemp to phytoremediate it as Hemp grows best without synthetic inputs.

The above process will be applied to all Objectives to Recapture Agriculture/Save Our Soil.

The process above is what I've used for the past 30 years with great success. They key is to revise as needed in Step 1. Doing so separates the wheat from the chaff, the major from the minor.

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